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Why Adding a Conservatory to your Home could Pay Off Big-Time!

House prices in Reigate have jumped massively across the last 10 years, making it one of the biggest towns for high property value in the UK. Whilst this is great news for home owners who looking to downsize - it leaves those looking to move up the property ladder finding their prospects growing narrow.


The good news here is that if you decide to improve your home and not move yet, you can get a heck of a pay-off from the increase in value.  A housing market survey suggests that the value of a house can increase by between 50% and 141% of the cost you spend on a glazed extensions. So if you spend £15,000 you could add almost £20,000 to the value of your home – then take into account the very same climb in house prices that are happening all across Surrey and you’re sat on the gold mine!


At Merstham Glass we have a wide range of home improvement options available – from fitting a set of Bifolding doors in Reigate to improve the comfort and ease of access to the garden year around, to - as we are suggesting - new conservatories to homes to not only get a great environment to relax in but add a valuable, enduring addition to your property that will pay off big in barely even a couple of years! Sound good, or what?


So if you have it mind to develop your home give us a call on 01737 644011 and we show you how easy it is to get started. Getting all the proper permissions and dealing with the paperwork can put some people off adding an extension to their home but we take care of all the administration required to improve your home. For more information you can visit at: